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China's development present situation and prospect of lithium-ion batteries

2016/6/16      view:

Chinese battery industry association, said Mr Cao, electricity is low in energy storage, the peak release energy, smart grid and the effective connection of lithium-ion batteries, is the most efficient resource utilization patterns

General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, according to data at present, China is the world's largest lithium battery production base, the second largest producer and exporter, lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion battery products have accounted for 40% of global market share. In 2009 alone, the domestic export rechargeable lithium battery, total exports only $3.269 billion and $1.081 billion, export of disposable lithium battery, total exports only $075.98 million and $508 million. Not only that, but this number since 2006, every year to 20%, the rate of 30% increase.

This hard-won market share in China from 1998 to talk about. At that time, tianjin institute of power supply is only just beginning to attempt to lithium battery industrialization, so that today is the "richest man" BYD wang decided to enter the lithium electric field in 2000, still have to go to Japan to buy equipment. But compared with western developed countries the research on lithium batteries can be traced back to the era of Edison.

Chinese consumer's perception of the lithium battery begins with mobile phones, is because of it, "big brother", from holding to your pockets of smaller at the same time, also have a longer standby time. In fact, the lithium battery has a more brilliant achievements, such as, heart pacemakers is because use the lithium battery, have the characteristics of the low self-discharge rate, discharge voltage flat, make the pacemaker implantation in the human body to be use for a long time.

Today, with the development of the microelectronics technology, as more equipment miniaturization, mobile phones, laptops, electric tools, street lamp standby power, navigation lights, small household electrical appliances and so on, is ubiquitous lithium-ion batteries. Lithium battery with large volume, lightweight, can be recharged, no pollution (do not contain heavy metal cadmium), and other advantages, quickly eliminate nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride battery technology, monopolize the market.

Lithium battery development bottleneck

And past extensive economy in many industries, China magic weapon of lithium battery can quickly occupy the international market is also low cost. This helpless of the U.S. government even make up some "lithium battery should be carried out according to the dangerous goods packaging" gimmick, to lithium battery exports to China increased costs and threshold. Regardless how to outsiders, the lithium battery in a short span of more than 10 years of rapid development, oneself also exist in more or less the shortcomings.

China battery industry association, Mr Cao told reporters, the securities daily "lithium battery materials and production equipment aside, lithium battery of our country is on the technical level and international synchronized, we are more than ten years of development, so it is worthy of promotion. But at the same time, it shows that the technical level and production equipment, etc., we are guided by other countries."

According to reporter understanding, if the problems existed in production equipment and technological process, and can also rely on import in China half artificial way to solve, even the high cost of imported equipment, still can be diluted to rely on cheap labor costs. In the material aspect of the production of lithium batteries, such as diaphragm, the battery appearance steel shell stamping material still rely on imports, not only born steep cost, and is subject to other countries, a more open hole for some poor quality imported materials, in the end, in turn, affect the lithium battery brand image in China.

In addition, due to low microelectronics products of independent brands, lithium battery for multiple services to overseas customers, so customer product every time adjustment, lithium-ion battery production enterprises in China have to change the production line of related standards, and overseas companies in many ways is very demanding. Baoding windsurfing new energy company a wholly owned subsidiary (windsurfing battery only) market Pan Jing deputy manager told reporters, the securities daily "affirmation is to abide by the customer demands, our company passed almost all internationally accepted certification standards."

Even so, the comprehensive level of international standard, the imported materials, technology and so on various factors, China's lithium battery or give a person the first impression low-end and cheap. Pan Jing calculated brushstroke zhang to the reporter, "laptop 18650 models of a batteries, lithium-ion batteries samsung can sell for $3.65, but our country enterprise only sells for $1.8, most Chinese enterprises in the production of such a batteries profit only 7% - 7%, in contrast, samsung's profits all too clear."

In terms of lithium batteries own development bottleneck, Mr Cao, for example, "wind power, photovoltaic material requirements of li-ion battery is very high, such as desert environment of high temperature resistant performance, such as resistance to low temperature performance of the offshore wind again." Pan Jing also told reporters that "the adapt to the environment of lithium-ion batteries is 20 degrees below zero to 60 degrees, the concrete temperature in the north to the south of China, will be some impact on the product itself performance." At the same time, the wider markets for lithium battery capacity, repeatedly charging capacity, quick charging capability are put forward more strict standards, and just adapt to the requirement of the microelectronics product to volume, volume of lithium batteries, immediately have to comply with the development of market demand, rapidly promote a series of technical indicators, this itself is a big problem.

Lithium battery development prospects

Volume, materials and other technical aspects of upgrading, pointing to the hottest expectations - electric car market demand. Not long ago, Japan Fuji economic research institute, according to a report issued by the global automotive lithium-ion battery market will expand to 200 times more than 6 years. This will give lithium battery products, particularly in the world the first big automobile consumption of lithium battery enterprises in China brings the enormous space for development.

Optimistic about Mr Cao technology upgrading, "there is a demand, nature has been developed, the adjustment of the economic policy in our country, believe that soon there will be a breakthrough." Pan Jing also thinks, "like photovoltaic (pv), a state subsidies policy, companies across all went to solar energy, technology upgrades quickly improved. Now the price of the electric car battery, ordinary consumers really unbearable, and it is because of the national support policies, many companies will for this product."

Reporter learned that, at present the electric car's range is 200-300 km, only charge need eight hours, these two indicators, has seriously restricted its industrialization in China. But man's infinite wisdom and the industry has come up with to change electricity for the pattern of energy storage trading system, effectively solve the practical problems of quick charge. However, 200-300 km range remains a rapid ascension, if get breakthrough this bottleneck, the electric car into homes, on the day of lithium-ion battery industry is rapidly expanding market.

An unnamed the personage inside course of study tells a reporter, "technology upgrade to completely adapt to the electric car standard there is a process, but the wind power, photovoltaic, these are not stable power generation mode, effectively avoid problems of its own, through energy storage can not be restricted by the feed-in tariff, make the temporary is not profitable new energy trading system, its own to become profitable."

In addition, some media recently said, "the state grid corporation completed system in east China, north China, central China, northwest (Tibet) and northeast (including MengDong) five regional network, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) the intelligent power grid planning and review work, this will be at the top of the smart grid design, is the national power grid construction the important basis of a strong smart grid." Though it mostly is the planning stage, but such a large plan, as you can imagine the prospect of the lithium battery industry.

Pan Jing tells a reporter, "by the light, wind and other new energy into electricity, have electricity into the grid, a large part of the process is dependent on the energy storage technology, is the battery. Besides, some remote, high cost of power grid layout, rely on battery transport to solve is the best solution. So the lithium battery market space is very large in the future." Mr Cao said, "when electricity trough for energy storage, the peak release energy, smart grid and the effective connection of lithium-ion batteries, is the most efficient resource utilization patterns."

China's lithium battery industry development is rapid, sustained, protected by foreign trade will be temporary. Believe in lithium-ion battery industry when China really rely on technology and occupy the market, that moment, no one can shake our position.