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    Lithium ion battery safety feature is how to implement?

    2016/6/16      view:
    Lithium ion battery has very wide application in People's Daily life, so it should be absolutely safe performance of lithium ion battery first assessment indicators. For lithium ion battery safety performance evaluation indexes, the international rules on the very strict standards, a qualified lithium-ion batteries on the safety performance should meet the following conditions.
    (1) short circuit: no fire, no explosion
    (2) charging: no fire, no explosion
    (3) the hot box test: no fire, no explosion (150 ℃ temperature 10 min)
    (4) needle thorn: no explosion (with 3 mm Ф penetrate cells)
    (5) tablet: no fire, no explosion (10 kg weight from 1 m high at the battery)
    Burned (6) : no (a gas explosion flame barbecue battery)