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Japanese media speculated that China's submarine in 2020 is expected to use lithium battery energy storage

2016/6/16      view:
Japanese media reported on May 28, China is deploying an impressive conventional submarines and nuclear submarine forces, the us office of naval intelligence, according to the people's liberation army navy underwater forces including five nuclear attack submarine, 4 nuclear ballistic missile submarine and 53 conventionally powered attack submarine. China has been testing the lithium battery technology, it can provide higher energy density and longer time to descend.
Reported that diesel-electric submarines stealth is usually stronger than nuclear-powered submarines, the main reason is that the design of the diesel engine original intention is to minimize the vibration noise, avoid sonar detection. The obvious Chinese researchers regarded lithium battery technology as the future trends of conventional submarine propulsion, therefore, China has been testing the lithium battery technology. Reported that Chinese are talking about 2020 years ago to lithium batteries installed in the possibility of a new generation of conventional submarines, but now I don't know will be installed on which model.