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Changzhou new battery technology co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in a lithium battery research and development, production and management of the enterprise, has the abundant capital and technology strength. Company introduced the most advanced drying dehumidifying system abroad, has a high degree of automation production line. Products with the best quality raw materials at home and abroad, in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008 version quality standards organization production quality control. Company continuously tracking the world's cutting-edge technology, lithium battery, with revitalizing China to rank among the world advanced level as the goal. The company has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, such as UL, CE, RoHs certification.

The company's products varieties and specifications are as follows:

Lithium manganese button cell: CR927 ~ CR2477, CR3032 over 20 specifications;

Lithium manganese column type battery: a dozen specifications such as CR14250 ~ CR34615;

Alkaline zinc manganese battery: a dozen specifications such as ER10450 ~ ER34615;

Products are widely used in motherboard of computer, remote control, active RFID products, electronic price label, 3 d glasses, camera, electronic dictionaries, calculators, watches, and storage card, electronic toys, electric cooker, LED lights, and water meter, electric meter, gas meter and other electronic devices, as a memory support or power supply.

Achievement on customer is equal to yourself. We provide the battery solution can better match your products, to better meet the demand of your product performance and cost, for your products have better market, is our biggest wish, is also the power of the development of our company can continue!

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